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Four images of specialty dent removal lighting are seen while dents are removed from a car covered in specialty blankets.
A close-up of the rear bumper of a car shows specialty lighting for paintless dent removal being performed on the car. A black pickup truck is seen in the background.
A red foreign car with a shiny finish sits in a garage of numerous cars for dent removal procedures. A man examining the car.
A gray classic car sits in a garage while three men look over the car from the left.
A close-up view of a gray classic car shows the right front fender with scratches that need to be repaired.
Specialty lighting is seen over a car covered in special blankets, sitting in a garage.
Pictured is a silver sports car suspended on a lift while a dent removal tool is attached to the front left fender.
A close-up view of a car’s front left fender shows specialty lighting in place to repair damage to the fender.
A silver sports car sits in a garage sporting a very shiny finish.

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